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Recently, Skyward Cafe was featured on Rocio Azahara's blog. She and a few friends from Germany were in town recently and stopped by Skyward. You can check out her review here:

Rocío's Travel Blog

Start Your Day Inspired!

Locally Sourced Breakfast & Lunch Menus, Smoothies, Pastries, Coffees, Espresso, Teas

Cafe Hours:

Monday - Sunday 8am-4pm 

  Breakfast Served All Day 


Open 7 days a week to serve you!

Fresh. Friendly. Local.


"I'm on Cloud Nine at Skyward"

Local Goodies!

Honey, Tea, Chutney, Jam, Soaps, Gifts 

Events on or off Premise

“I'm constantly impressed with their selection of smoothies! This is also a great place to grab breakfast and an espresso to start your day.”